How i like to start a game :D

November 6, 2011

READ if i get anymore of these where i just start the game and get something nice, i will start to make ep’s out of them.Leftover ep should be out sunday and editor just needs to be free till he can start to edit. Please like and comment will mean alot thanks

Billiard Videos by Inside POOL Magazine

November 4, 2011

Billiard Videos by Inside POOL Magazine include What’s in the Case, Billiards Instruction, Pool Lessons, Interviews with Pro Players, Full Length Tournament Matches, Trick Shots and Pool and Billiard News. See more at

Billiards Fundamentals, Right and Left English

November 2, 2011

Billiards Fundamentals. Right and Left English. This is from the Free 7 part Billiards fundamental course.

How to Play Pool : How to Play Cutthroat Pool

October 30, 2011

Learn how to play cutthroat pool from a billiards expert in this free instructional video. Expert: Michael Lamendola Bio: Actor Michael Lamendola has been a competitive billiards player for over 15 years. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

YouTube – Billiards US Open 9-Ball Championship Efren Reyes v Schmidt_clip18_1.mp4

October 30, 2011
By – Billiards US Open 9-Ball Championship billiards games video.

Pat Hays – Pool Shark

October 26, 2011

Meet Pat Hays. This woman loves the game of pool. She also loves to teach it. Want to take a lesson? Reach Pat at

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